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Disability assessment and certifications

Disability Assessment

The institute issues the disability certificates to persons with locomotor handicap. Disability assessment and Certification is done through SADM software issued by government of Maharashtra. & Disability assessment is done on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

On all the above days, the person with disability has to apply in the morning at 9:00 am. The applicant has to fill an application form and submit proof of identity and residence issued by Government of India and three passport size good quality photographs showing face with shoulders.

He is required to submit five passport size good quality photographs showing face with shoulders

All the old relevant treatment record along with investigation reports- blood tests reports, X-rays, MRI etc should be available at the time of application.

The applicants are screened by one of the doctors and if found suitable for issuing a disability certificate his information is collected and entered in the proforma of SADM on the computer. After that the person is referred for required assessment in physiotherapy, occupational or speech therapy departments or advised further investigations or consultations, if required. Once these assessments are completed, the person is kept for assessment by the board and issue of the Disability Certificate.

The board issues the disability certificates from 2:00 PM on the above mentioned days.

If a certificate is lost, a photocopy of the lost certificate is desirable along with proof of identity, age and address.

Railway Concession Certificates (RC)

Renewal or issue of new railway concession certificates is done from Monday to Friday. The person seeking the certificate needs to produce the original disability certificate from the Institute and identity proof issued by Government of India along with old railway concession certificate if the case is for renewal. The certificate is issued as per the Indian railway’s guidelines (available on Indian railways website). There is no charge for issue of Railway concession. Three passport size good quality photographs showing face with shoulders are required.

Special Certificates to School and College Students

The certificates for different requirements of school and college students are issued only on the days as mentioned for disability certification. For issue of the certificates presence of the student with his/her disability certificate is required. The students are required to bring the prescribed proforma for the certificate. It is advisable to bring old treatment records. Three passport size good quality photographs showing face with shoulders are also required. Letter of reference from head of school/college for evaluation of student for writing assessment and filling of Form III for X and XII students.

Certificates for Job Related Purposes

These certificates are issued only on request from the office of the person where he is working or has applied for the job.

Driving Fitness Certificates

The person requiring the driving fitness certificate needs to fix an appointment with the occupational therapy department and complete the required formalities.

Procedure for Driving Certification

  1. Only persons with Locomotor Disability are assessed for this purpose with prior appointment
  2. Driving Assessments are conducted on every Tuesday
  3. Appointments are given and assessments are done in department of Occupational Therapy, Room No. 110 on the 1st Floor
  4. Documents required are
    • 5 passport size photographs 1.5” x 2”
    • Proof of residence (Adhar Card,Election Card, Recent Electricity or Telephone Bill)
    • Rs.50/- as procedure fees
    • Medical Reports if any, relating to the disability
    • R.T.O referral letter for PWD, residing outside Mumbai city limits
    • Certificate is issued to persons residing in Maharashtra only
  5. After Clinical Assessment a driving test on road may be given if necessary with prior intimation to the patient. Patient should arrange for his own vehicle for the test
  6. If performance is not up to the mark, with scope for improvement, a learning certificate may be issued temporarily
  7. If found fit to drive, (with or without modifications) the certificate will be issued approximately one week after the assessment