Future Plans

An apex Institute in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as a Public Sector Organisation the institute plays an important role in developing similar organisations in the country to establish and deliver rehabilitation services. To cater to the needs of ever increasing demands of the people with disability the Institute is moving ahead on strengthening in all the aspects of its functions.

Augmenting of infrastructural facilities in the AIIPMR Mumbai.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has approved the recommendations of the Standing Financial Committee for development of infrastructural facilities.

The infrastructure development comprises the redevelopment & reconstruction of Prosthetic Workshop building with Academic Block on plot 10 A where at present the old Workshop building is located.

Additional clinics envisaged in the area of service provision

1.Neuro-rehabilitation for polio, cerebral palsy, strokes, brain injuries and cases of muscular dystrophy.
2.Osteoporosis for individuals already diagnosed or a risk of developing osteoporosis. Arthritis for rheumatoid arthritis and related conditions such as; Oesteoarthritis, ankylosingspondylosis, gout and neuropathic joints.
3.Paediatric Rehabilitation to cater to the needs of children with disability such as Spinal Dysraphism, Congenital Anomalies, Osteogenesis Imperfecta and other rare conditions.
4.Cardio-vascular Rehabilitation to provide care and rehabilitation of patients in Phase-II and onwards of persons with MI, Post CABG, RHD, HT, COPD and AP.
5.Paraplegia to provide total care including ADL and mobility to Spinal Cord Injuries caused by TB, Trauma, Transverse myelitis, GullainBaue Syndrome and other.
6.Sports Injury to promote fitness of sports persons and to prevent Injuries and provide treatment of injuries to enable them to return to their field as early as possible.
7.Amputation for fabrication, fitment and training use of prosthetic devices and follow-up as well as update the technology and skills to increase production and provide prompt services.
8.Work Simulation and Work Hardening for work related dysfunction, management and preventive strategies.
9.Occupational Backache Care to take care of sedentary life style and occupation related problems.
10.Geriatric Clinic the sensory motor, social and leisure pursuits for the senior citizens.
11.Wheel Chair Gym &Out Door Therapeutic Play Area.
12.Early Identification Cell for Hearing Impairment and Dysphagia Unit.

Proposals for starting following courses have already been forwarded to MUHS Nashik

1. Ph.D. in PMR
2. Ph.D. in P&O
3. MD & PG Diploma in Anesthesiology
4. Certificate Course in Rehabilitation
5. Fellowship Course in Rehabilitation
6. Certificate Course in Rehabilitation Nursing
7. Certificate Course in Medical Social Work Rehabilitation